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Tips for Writing Effective Ritual


Just a few hints to make your ritual – whether written for yourself or a group – a great success.

1. Think About What You Want To Accomplish – Do you want to celebrate a sabbat? Celebrate an esbat? Work Magick? Some combination? This can go into the “statement of purpose” or not, but you need to have it clear in your mind in order to write an effective ritual.

2. Think About When to Perform the Ritual – For group rituals this is usually not practical, but if you are doing a solitary ritual to work magick or to honor a particular deity, give some thought to appropriate timing. What phase of the moon will be best? Day or night? What day of the week?

3. Choose Your Deity – In a traditional environment, this is often done for us, but on occasion you might want to work with deities other than the major BFC Gods and Goddesses. Who that is probably depends on your answer to #1. When this happens, write your own invocation. It doesn’t have to rhyme. It should (usually) contain several “parts”  – Greeting, flattery, reminder of when we worked together before (or why you should help me if we never worked together before), what I’ll do for you if you help me, and closing. Think about all the prayers you know…. don’t all of them more or less fall into this format? Also, write your thanks and farewell spiel.

4. Quarter Calls – If you are using the elements extensively in your ritual, you might want to add to or change the standard calls. If so, be sure to rewrite the releases too.

5. Circle – If you are using the standard circle, say so. If not, write an alternative.

6. Work – This is the meat of the ritual. Put in any chants you might do, any magick, and any honoring speeches. Get creative! If you can work in some little trinket for each person to take home, so much the better! Be sure to list any supplies you might need for this part.

7. Shutting Down – You have probably written everything you need for this, but put it in so that you don’t forget to thank Deity, dismiss quarters, or take down the circle.


I Am the Morrigan


I Am The Morrigan

I am the Morrigan. The Phantom Queen, the Great Queen and Queen of the Fae. Men fear me, for I also stand at the battle field and wait for those who have passed to come to me. I am seen as Death, as Fate and as a Demon Queen but that is not all of who I am. History has not been kind to my legend, but I must say I am not Morgan le Fay, I do not command demons and I do not collect souls out of spite or pleasure.

I am The Morrigan.

I am the Phantom Queen, Queen of the Fae, but I am also Patroness of Priestesses and Witches, a Goddess of Magick and Queen of the Witches. Those who follow the old ways, those of the Craft are my daughters, my legacy. My divinity and who I am shines through their magick, their power. When they look to a scrying mirror, crystal ball or tarot deck they will feel my power, my strength and my guidance. I transform energy into will; I help create renewal from death. As the water runs pure so does my strength.

On the night when the moon is dark, call to me. Drink a tea of Mugwort, burn Willow and look deep into your Obisidian crystal or scrying mirror and you will see me, you will hear me. My message will come to you and you will know it is me. So too will you know it is me when the Crow calls to you. Heed her well for she has something to tell you.

I am Queen, I am Goddess and I am Magick.

I am the Morrigan.

(I would love to claim credit for this, but I can’t. I found it at searching for something else.)

Focus Exercise


I recently ran into the following exercises that is supposed to help with focus and I have been using it for… well, all of 3 days now.

The idea of exercise 1 is that you set your word processor margins 1″ all around. You set the paragraph format to double space. And then you type. And keep typing until you’ve filled 3 pages. It’s sort of a free flow thing. At first I couldn’t see the value of it, but I figured I’d try it anyway. It’s… interesting. It makes you very aware of the little half thoughts that float through your mind, and the difficulty of getting them down in writing. (Actually it’s the same trouble I have had keeping a dream journal.) So I found it educational and will keep doing it for a while. The other thing it taught me is how badly my typing sucks! To try and correct every mistake makes it just take too, too long, so I decided to let the typos go. Oh my. Letting typos go is really hard for me. Sometimes I would be backspacing before I even knew what I was doing!

The other exercise has you write about an object. First describe it. Then describe why you have it, how you got it, etc etc. Again, 3 pages worth. I liked this one a bit better, except that I tried to do it with other people in the room which was very distracting. :-) This one I can see the value it, as it leads you to concentrate on a specific object, which is a requirement to be successful at most forms of magick. My focus object was my missing purple Yurbuds. I had not quite finished the 3rd page when my son found them in a plastic bin that I’d already searched. I’m not for a moment suggesting that this event was anything more than my frustrated mental state during the first search, but still… weird, eh?

Cleanse and Consecrate Robe


Cleansing (and consecrating) a Robe (unless you made it yourself)

Why “unless you made it yourself”? Because, if you made it yourself, it has not been handled by too many people. You have been inserting your energies the entire time that you have been sewing. If you make your own robe, by all means cleanse the fabric before you start but do not cleanse it after it’s done. Consecrating then is optional; it depends on how “charged” you feel the piece is.

You’ll need:

Alter set up with sage in the east
Sage to burn (smudge stick or dried leaves)
Fan (or paper to fan with)
Spring (or purified) water
Candle (white or red) (if you have athame, you can use that instead)

The Ritual

Perform alter devotion as usual.
Quarter calls and Deity Invocation optional but recommended.

Make sure the sage has a good smoke going. Hang the robe nearby. Fan the smoke to encompass the robe, while visualizing any negative energies loosening from the cloth and dissipating with the smoke, saying
“I cast out all evil, all negativity, in this world and the world of phantasm. I cast out all evil, all negativity, in this world and the world of phantasm…”.
repeat until you feel the robe is clean and “empty”. Set the sage back down on the east side of the alter

Guardians of the North, Spirits of earth
With salt I charge this robe with thy energies
(flick 3 pinches of salt onto robe)

Guardians of the East, Spirits of air
With smoke I charge this robe with thy energies
(fan some smoke)

Guardians of the South, Spirits of fire
With flame(OR steel) I charge this robe with thy energies
(pass over flame OR touch robe with athame)

Guardians of the West, Spirits of water
With water I charge this robe with thy energies
(flick water on robe 3 times)


By the Powers of the Ancient Ones
and all Ye in the Realm of Faerie,
I consecrate these vestments of Power and Honor
in the Path of the Black Forest
In the names of the Great God Herne and the Mighty Goddess Morrigan
So mote it be!

If you called quarters, don’t forget to dismiss them. If you invoked, don’t forget to thank.

Now that it’s clean and consecrated, folding your robe in a drawer with lavender is traditional. You do not need to wash it every time you wear it! (In fact the first trad I was in forbade washing them at all; but that was probably because they wanted you to sew graveyard dirt into the hem.) It’ll last longer and not fade if you only wash it when it’s really, really needed. Whether you consecrate it again after washing is up to you.

More Meditation

This is a 10 minute snippet that I downloaded from a facebook ad, “Meditate Like a Tibetan Monk” (yes, I’m that kind of sucker, but fortunately I’ve got disposable email accounts to handle all the spam). Anyway. I stuck it in a playlist with 2 other copies of the same thing – coz I wanted it to be longer than 10 minutes – and I’ve been using it to meditate for the past 2 nights. I don’t know how Tibetan monks meditate, but in combination with breath counting, it’s giving me about 20 good minutes. Give it a try!

Lesson 1 Table of Contents

Hey everyone, I thought I would put this up here and share. I wanted to put it as an attachment but copied into the message. All you need to do is copy and paste it into word. Enjoy. PS. The grammar might be a little different than in the book, I had to make some corrections.

Lesson 1 Table of Contents

Introduction & Lineage………….Page 1

Introduction to The Temple of Morrigan Triskele…………..Pages 2-3

The Green Man……………….Page 4

Lesson One Directions………………Page 5

Nine Law of The Black Forest……………………..Page 6

Black Forest High Holy Days & Cross Quarters……….………Page 7

The Words of the Star Goddess………………………………….Page 8

Charge of the Goddess……………………………………………….Page 9

The Witches Rede……………………………………… Pages 10-11

Wiccan Rede…………………………………………Page 12

The Witches Creed………………………………Pages 13-14

The Purpose of the Work, and the Gods…………….Page 15

Of The Coven and Its Etiquette………………Pages 16-17

The Cone Of Power…………………………Page 18

The Law……………………………………..Page 19

First Level Knowledge………………….Page 20

“A Proper Person”…………………Page 21

Laws and Lessons of Worship…………………Page 22

Basic Circle Practices: Where Do I Stand? What Do I Say?…….Page 23

Traditional Charge of the God……..Page 24

The Black Forest………………Page 25

Laws of the Black Forest Clan: Euro-Wicca……Pages 26-28

Signs of The Initiations: Title System….Pages 29-31

Craft: Etiquette – Elbow, Elbow, Wrist,..Pages 32-34

Regarding the Vestments and Cords of the Black Forest Tradition..Pages 35-36

Black Forest Clan: Ritual Etiquette………Page 37

The High and Low Altars of the Black Forest Clan…Page 38

Consecration of the Low Altar….Page 39

The Laws of Old………..Pages 40-41

Retribution…………………………………Page 42

The Teachings of The Universal Laws…..Pages 43-45

Magickal Application To Perform for Lesson One….Pages 46-47

The Devotion of The Altar…………….Pages 48-49

The Laws – Scott Cunningham…Pages 50-51

The Witches’ Rune………..Page 52

Black Forest Circle Casting & Quarter Calls………Pages 53-54

The New Book of the Law……………….Pages 55-64

Assignments: Lesson One……….Pages 65-66

Lesson One Research Vocabulary List……………Page 67

Release Meditation


Here is a dropbox link to a meditation that was used as part of a ‘void of course’ full moon ritual.

(Since the play box doesn’t appear to be working, the link is:, you should be able to download it.)

The following was the text used to create the audio file.

Meditation to Let Go of Obsession/Addiction

We all have some thing that is holding us back from the progress we could be making. Maybe it’s an unhealthy relationship. Maybe it’s an addiction or an unhealthy fantasy or some other baggage that is stopping us from moving on. The purpose of this meditation is to loose the cords that bind us to this thing and send it on its way. Before we start, give your thing a symbolic form, and name it. You might call it by what it is, or you might give it a name… like Chuck. But give it a form you can picture and a name you will use to call it.

First get comfortable. Sit in a chair or on the floor, or lie down. keep your back as straight as possible. Let’s start by closing your eyes and taking a few deep, slow breaths. Count to 3 on the inhale, and to 3 again on the exhale. Ready? In, 2, 3. Out, 2, 3. In, 2, 3. Out, 2, 3. In… very good. Keep breathing. Now You should feel your belly rise with each inhale and fall with each exhale.

(silent for 2 breaths)

Relax. Feel your face. Your face is relaxing. (1 breath) Move your attention down to your neck. ..Your neck is relaxed. (1 breath) Feel your arms and your hands… Your arms are relaxed. (1 breath) Feel your chest and your back… Your chest is relaxed. (1 breath). Feel your belly… your belly is relaxed. Feel your legs… Your legs are relaxed. (2 breaths)

You feel fresh air on your face, and realize that you are outside in a clearing, under a full moon.

You are aware of the rich black earth beneath you. (1) Let your psychic roots reach from your base and stretch down, down into the earth. (1/2) Feel them reach out and expand, as they push through the earth and grip the solid ground beneath you. (1) You feel anchored to the earth, stable, held firm by the embrace of the Earth Mother.

If you have any worries or fears distracting you from this ritual, feel them drain down your roots and into the warm, welcoming earth below. Let tensions and worries flow out until you feel emptied of negativity. (2)

You ask; Mother Earth, take these energies and transform them, please. Return them later in some positive form.

You tilt your head back and bask in the cool, silvery light of the Moon Mother. (2 breaths) The light fills you from the head down. As the silvery light fills your torso, you can see a ball of pulsing, swirling yellow-ish light behind your belly button. (1) As you gaze through the ever-changing light, you see that there is something dark in the ball. (1) You look closely. You see that it is your thing.

Take a minute to look at it. What form does it take? (2 breaths) You see that it is bound to the ball by cords of energy. (2) This thing may have served you once, but it is no longer useful. Its cords bind you as much as they bind it. It is time to set it free. You try to untie the cords but find they are difficult to loosen.

You look up toward the moon again and see the outline of a lady in the light. You stare at her, your Moon Mother, for a long moment. (2) She is beautiful. You realize that she is floating toward you, getting more solid. She is holding out something toward you. It is a silver knife. You take the knife and look back at the cords. (1)

You use the silver knife, you cut the cords close to where they attach to the thing. Like the other energies you have released, they immediately drain into the ground to be transformed.

You stare at your thing. Tell it now that you name it and what its name is. (2 breaths) Use its name and tell it to be gone; In the name of the Moon Mother you banish it. (2 breaths) As soon as you say this, it is pulled backwards, toward the moon. The outline of the Lady is hovering. She spreads her arms to catch it. (1 breaths) You feel at peace, knowing it is no longer your problem. The thing is in the hands of the Lady. (2 breaths)

As you watch, the outline fades, leaving only the moon hanging in the black velvet sky. You feel relaxed, but empty. (1 breath) Then you become aware, again, of Mother Earth beneath you, and the roots that anchor you to Her. (1) You feel the tips of your roots tap into a pool of bright energy. (2) This is your energy that the Mother has transformed for you. It starts to seep up your roots, making them glow and pulsate. (2) it starts to fill your torso, from bottom to top. (2) You feel energized.

When you are full, and can absorb no more, you thank the Mother for Her gift, and begin to pull your roots up from the earth.

Now you are alone, but content and happy and alive. You are free of your thing and also free of the little nagging doubts that bother you every day. They may come back, especially if they have been with you for a long time. The energy cords may grow back. But this place is part of you now, and you can return any time. Content in the knowledge that your Mothers will be here for you, you can move on with your life.

So it is time to leave the clearing and come back. Become aware of your body. Become aware of the world around you. When you are ready, open your eyes.


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